4 Signs You Need New Brakes

4 Signs You Need New Brakes

4 Signs You Need New Brakes

Functioning brakes are at the top of the safety chart when it comes to operating vehicles and safety on the road. When you have a car that has bad brakes, you are susceptible to accidents that can occur without you being able to do anything to stop it. As an auto mechanic in Orlando, we are here to provide you with inspection and repair services to avoid these dangers from ever happening. When you pay attention to the needs of your vehicle, you can avoid any issues from occurring by resolving them before they grow worse. These are a few sings that you may need new brakes.

Your Brakes are Noisy

When you hear a loud squeaking sound as you hit the brakes, you likely have a problem that needs to be addressed. The sound of metal scraping on metal is indicative that your brakes are starting to wear. While this sound may be terrifying, it is actually the sensor working in the exact way it is supposed to – alerting you that your brakes are going bad. Listening to your car is one of the best ways to diagnose the problem and get you car into the shop as soon as you can.

Your Brakes are Not Responding

Have you noticed that your brakes are slower to respond? Do you feel like your brakes are softer when you apply your foot down on the brake pedal? When you feel like your car is taking much longer to come to complete stop, you should follow your gut and get your brakes checked. You may not be wrong. When your brake fluid is low or you have a leak in your brake fluid tank, you may notice a sluggish or slow brake response.

Your Brakes are Vibrating

Any motion that feels strange, like vibrating, can indicate that your brakes may need to be replaced. Vibrations, pulling motions, and bouncing are just a few signs that you should get your car into the shop and have your brakes inspected immediately. This could indicate an issue with your brake rotors, as this can commonly occur with contamination or irregular wear and tear damage.

Your Brakes are Pulling to One Side

When you are braking, your car should not be pulling to one side. In fact, if you find that your car is pulling, you may have bad brakes. Typically, this will indicate that your brakes are not wearing evenly which can be a tell-tale sign that you need to replace brake fluid or recalibrate your brakes.  It can also indicate that your brakes are simply just getting old and you need new ones.

By knowing how to recognize issues with your brakes, you can prevent any issues from worsening and causing dangers on the road. If you suspect that your brakes are going bad, trust our auto mechanic in Orlando to make any repairs and keep your vehicle in great condition.

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