What Your Car Leaks Are Telling You

What Your Car Leaks Are Telling You

What Your Car Leaks Are Telling You

Have you been noticing fluid leaking from your car?  Do you see puddles of liquid on your driveway or in your garage when you move your car?  Car leaks are common.  While some are harmless, others can indicate severe issues.  As an auto service in Orlando, we are here to help you with any of your car concerns.  Our professionals are trained to detect, diagnose, and fix any issues related to your car, including any leaks that may be persisting.  There are a few types of liquid that you need to keep your car running smoothly, and you'll want to know about each one to detect the cause of leaks.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid leaks will be thick brown or thin red in color, and they will be present in the middle of your car.  This leak will either smell like gasoline or carry a faint burnt odor, depending on the frequency that your car is serviced.  If you suspect a transmission fluid leak, you will want to have your car checked out immediately.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid may leak in a range of colors, from clear to light yellow to brown.  If the leak is slick to touch and smells like a fish market, it is likely brake fluid.  Anytime you suspect a brake fluid leak, you will need to get your car to the mechanic immediately.  This poses extremely dangerous safety hazards that can prevent you from stopping your car and endangering anyone in the car or in cars near you.

Engine Oil

Dark brown or black leaks are typically indicative of engine oil leaks, especially if you haven't changed your oil in a while.  These leaks can range from minor to severe, so you will want do a little more inspecting around the area.  Test the oil to see how low the levels are inside your engine.  If your levels are extremely low, you may burn out your engine, which will require a completely new engine replacement.  

Power Steering Fluid

This important liquid is also brownish-yellow, and may be easily confused with automatic transmission fluid, but the location of the leak will give you a clear idea of which fluid is leaking.  Power steering fluid will leak from underneath the front of the vehicle.  Another indication that you are low on this fluid is to attempt to steer your car.  If it is difficult to turn, that might be the cause of your leak.

These are the main types of liquid that are used to keep a car running smoothly and safely.  When you notice leaks, you will first want to take notice of its color and consistency, as it will likely indicate the type of liquid.  Contact your car service in Orlando to schedule an appointment when your car is leaking.