Four Signs that You May Need to Change Your Brake Pads

Four Signs that You May Need to Change Your Brake Pads

Four Signs that You May Need to Change Your Brake Pads

Are you concerned that it may be time for you to change your brake pads?  Have you been hearing squealing noises when you apply the brake in your car?  Each time you press your brakes, your brake pads will become a little more worn.  Over time, they can wear down completely.  This means that it is time for you to get them changed by an auto mechanic in Orlando.  When your brake pads become worn down completely, they will not be able to prevent any friction between the other brake parts, leading to much more damage to your car.  These are some of the signs that indicate it may be time for you to change your brake pads.  

Squealing Noises

One of the most common signs that you need to replace your brake pads is when you hear a squealing noise each time you press the brakes.  Although this sound may seem like it is dangerous or harmful to the car, it is actually a built-in shim indicator to alert drivers when it is time to go into the mechanic.  Because this indicator is typically the first thing to alert drivers, it may be the only sign you need to know that it is about time to replace your brake pads.

Look at How Worn They Are

Many people will listen to hear if their brake pads are worn, but it is also possible to take look at them.  Peek through your tire spokes to look at your brake pads and see how worn down they appear.  Your brake pads should be compressed against your brake rotor.  If they are less than three millimeters thick, they will need to be replaced as soon as possible.  

Hearing Metal on Metal

When you hear a sound that sounds like metal grinding on metal when you apply your brakes, you will want to get them checked out by a professional.  This sound is typically indicating that your brake discs and calipers are coming into contact with one another, which can result in even further damage to your brakes.  

Indicator Light

Many newer car models are being made with a light indication on the dashboard to alert drivers that it is time to replace your brake pads.  If you have a newer and updated vehicle, you may have this feature.  It is a great feature that will allow you to perform preventative maintenance before the brake pads wear down completely.

These are a few of the most common signs that indicate it is time for you to call the mechanic and get your brake pads checked out.  Most likely, you will need to replace them.  If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy auto mechanic in Orlando, contact Dynamic Auto Orlando to hear about our services today.