Four Preventative Maintenance You Should Have Done to Your Car Each Year

Four Preventative Maintenance You Should Have Done to Your Car Each Year

Four Preventative Maintenance You Should Have Done to Your Car Each Year

Are you concerned about the safety and function of your car?  Is your car getting old?  Have you noticed strange sounds coming from your car engine when you turn on the engine?  As an auto mechanic in Orlando, you will want to perform basic maintenance on your car each year to prevent issues from building up and causing larger problems.  Without the proper maintenance, fluid checks, and other car issues, you may damage your engine beyond repair without even knowing it.  There are a few preventative maintenance tasks that you should have done to your car every single year.

Timing Belt Inspection

Your timing belt plays a big role in the function of your engine.  This belt regulates certain components of your engine and causes them to avoid rubbing together and causing dangerous friction.  When your timing belt doesn't work any longer, you will hear grinding and friction.  However, once this occurs, this may indicate that expensive repairs are needed.  Avoid this issue by adding it to your list of yearly maintenance.

Oil Change

Oil changes are probably the most commonly known preventative measures that you need to perform to your car each year.  In fact, your mechanic will provide you with a sticker that reminds you of when to perform this oil change.  When your car runs low on oil, it can actually do extreme damage to the engine.  The oil provides lubrication that allows your engine to run smoothly and properly.  Oil can also cause a buildup of grime that can negatively affect the mechanics of the car.  You can check the oil stick to determine the level of the oil inside the tank to help you indicate whether the levels are low enough for a refill.

Battery Check

Although your mechanic will not really be able to repair your battery, it is still critical to ensure you’re your battery is in great condition.  The battery can also tell us a lot of information about your car in general.  Whenever you have trouble starting your vehicle, you will likely need to check on your battery.  Your mechanic will be able to detect any leaks, buildups, or other issues that cause the battery to act up.  

Tire Alignment

Over time, your tires can become worn and lose their tread.  This can cause problems with your steering, which can actually misalign your car, causing it to veer one certain way.  If you notice this issue, you will want to have a tire alignment to keep your vehicle steering straight.  Whenever you rotate and change your tires, it is also recommended to have an alignment service done.  This will create a straight and smooth drive on all sides of your vehicle.

Brake Inspection

Another important service that you want to have done each year is a brake inspection.  To make sure that the brakes are functioning properly, have your mechanic check on your brakes and rotors to ensure that they are reacting quickly, applying the right amount of pressure, and efficiently stopping the vehicle.  This can prevent accidents that can range from mild to severe if the brakes happen to wear down.

By having these maintenance tasks completed each year, you will be able to prevent any larger issues from occurring undetected.  Our auto mechanic in Orlando can provide you with reliable and honest car services to avoid any large issues from developing in your car.  Contact us to have your car maintained today.