Five of the Most Common Reasons Your Car is Overheating

Five of the Most Common Reasons Your Car is Overheating

Five of the Most Common Reasons Your Car is Overheating

Have you noticed your car overheating shortly after you turn it on?  Do you worry that there is a larger issue causing the overheating that may require professional attention?  When your car is overheating, you will want to trust a professional that can provide you with insight to the problem.  This issue can be minor, but it can also be caused by something much more severe.  Our auto service in Orlando is here to help.  These are a few of the most common reasons why your car is overheating.

Wrong Levels of Engine Coolant

If your car is overheating, you may have the wrong levels of engine coolant.  If the levels of being too low or too high, you will notice your car start to overheat.  There are a few reasons for this.  It can be caused by a loose cap on the engine coolant reservoir, small leaks that may go undetected, or just low-quality coolant.  Too much coolant, on the other hand, can cause too much pressure.  You will want your auto mechanic to look at this to make sure they get to the root of the issue.

Hose Leaks

Variations in temperature and harsh environment can cause the hoses in your engine to become brittle, which can cause leaks to occur.  Over time, the hoses lose their elasticity and cause ruptures or small cracks.  It is best to have a mechanic look at your hoses and test their flexibility.  When they notice any small cracks, you will want to replace the hose before they start leaking.

Broken Thermostat

The thermostat in your car is a valve that reacts to the coolant temperature and levels.  This is located inside the thermostat, which allows it to allow coolant to flow or stop the flow of coolant depending on the temperature.  If the thermostat is broken, the coolant will not flow correctly, which can cause the car to overheat.  

Broken Water Pump

The water pump in your car is what is responsible for the flow of coolant.  When it is broken, it will prevent the coolant from flowing at all.  This will immediately cause your car to overheat, and it will also cause the problem to persist.  As soon as you start your car, it will also start the water pump to release coolant.  That means that you will immediately notice this issue.  To fix the problem, you will need to replace the entire water pump.

Damage to Your Car Radiator

The main purpose of the car radiator is to cool down the car by lowering the temperature of the coolant.  Coolant will continuously flow though the radiator, so if it is broken, you will not notice a difference in temperature.  Cracks or clogs will prevent coolant from flowing properly throughout the car.  To resolve this issue, you can unclog the radiator, repair any minor cracks, or get a new radiator.

These are some of the reasons why your car may be overheating, and you will want to have a professional look to see if the issue requires more of an extensive repair.  Contact our experienced auto service in Orlando to schedule your appointment with us today.