4 Signs Your Car Needs to be Serviced Immediately

4 Signs Your Car Needs to be Serviced Immediately

4 Signs Your Car Needs to be Serviced Immediately

Even the most reliable vehicles can malfunction from time to time. In moments like these, drivers face fear and anxiety, but a trusted mechanic can help quell these emotions with a simple diagnosis to pinpoint any problems. If a car is running any differently than it usually does, it is essential to get it to a mechanic for a diagnosis right away. Dynamic Auto Service has experienced mechanics ready with auto service in Orlando to diagnose vehicle problems early.

Here are four widespread indicators that a mechanic should be contacted right away.

Check engine light

In most cases, an illuminated check engine light is not a cause for immediate panic but simply an indicator that the vehicle's engine should be checked by a mechanic sooner rather than later. On the other hand, when the check engine light is flashing, it is vital to have the engine checked immediately by an experienced professional. A car's check engine light is a significant indicator that something is wrong within one or more of the numerous systems of the vehicle's computer monitors. It can often be an emission system problem, which is likely to damage the vehicle's catalytic converter if it continues to be driven without being repaired quickly.

Exhaust smoke

It is normal during the winter months to notice a little more white smoke trailing from your car than usual when it is first started. This is a regular occurrence from water vapor coming from your exhaust system and generally subsides once the engine temperature rises. However, if large amounts of smoke are noted coming from the exhaust while driving the car, if the exhaust is an unusual color, or if there is black residue on the exhaust pipe, getting the car to a reliable mechanic as soon as possible is vital. This can often be an indication that there is an oil leak, especially when noticing a burning smell.

Transmission issues

Always pay attention to how a car operates in normal driving conditions, so knowing when a problem arises is easy. For example, when noticing that a vehicle has difficulty getting up to speed, makes strange sounds, or feels different when driving, it is vital to see a mechanic for repairs as soon as possible.


Take notice of any significant leaks beneath your car, on the ground, where you are typically parked. Leaks are a clear indicator that it is time for a mechanic to look at the vehicle. It is important to note that when the air conditioner is running, there will be fresh water dripping from the front near the passenger side in the summer months. This is normal, but it is helpful to look for bright green, dark red, or brown puddles beneath the car, usually in the front, signal coolant leaks, transmission oil leaks, engine oil leaks, or brake fluid leaks. Leaks such as these, left untreated, can cause permanent damage to your vehicle and result in expensive repairs.

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