The Truth about These Common Car Myths

The Truth about These Common Car Myths

The Truth about These Common Car Myths

Have you been using premium gas instead of regular gas to allow your car to perform better?  Do you turn your engine on while idling to warm it up before you start driving?  There are a few things that people do with their cars because they've heard they are the best methods.  As an auto service in Orlando, we understand the ins and outs of car maintenance.  We're here to tell the truth about some of these commonly believed car myths.

Premium Gas Performs Better than Regular Gas

Do you pay extra to use premium gas to fuel your car?  Unless you have a performance vehicle, premium fuel will actually not make your car run more efficiently.  For those of you who are using it for this purpose, stop wasting your money and switch to regular gas.  Premium fuel is formulated specifically for performance or luxury vehicles that require higher octane levels.  Unless you have one of these vehicles, regular fuel should be your go-to choice.

Manual Cars are More Efficient

Throughout history, manual cars were well-known for being more fuel efficient than automatic cars.  However, with many advances and developments in car technology, the opposite has now become true.  Automatic cars have become more fuel efficient than manual cars due to some of the updates that have occurred in more recent years.  Many companies work on lowering the automatic car's fuel consumption by lowering the engine's RPM.

Cars are Computerized and Require Special Servicing

Even though you may want the peace of mind by having your car serviced by an auto service in Orlando, it is not true that you can't tackle some basic car care on your own.  Many people shy away from this because of the computerized and technical aspects of cars nowadays.  However, we actually urge our clients to perform basic checks on their vehicles periodically throughout the year.  When something is wrong, they call us to check it out further.

Warming Your Engine before Driving is Best

It is true that warming up your engine benefits your car, but it does not need to warm up while you are idling.  In fact, some parts of your car will not even begin to warm up until you are actually moving.  Even in the most frigid of temperatures, which we do not see frequently here in Florida, your car's engine will warm up best as you start to drive it.

These are some of the myths that many people believe and follow when it comes to car care and maintenance.  However, if you ask any professional in auto service in Orlando, they will tell you the truths.  If you are looking to establish a relationship with a knowledgeable, quality, and dependable mechanic, contact Dynamic Auto Orlando today.