The Causes behind the Most Common Car Noises

The Causes behind the Most Common Car Noises

The Causes behind the Most Common Car Noises

Have you been hearing a strange noise each time you turn on your car engine?  Are you concerned about the sound coming from your car when you put it in drive?  Hearing strange sounds coming from your car will most likely make you concerned for your safety and the state of your vehicle.  These sounds are also the main reasons why people pick up their phone to contact their local auto mechanic in Orlando.  Before you get too concerned with the noises coming from your car, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the causes of most of these car noises.

Squealing Noises

Many people call and complain that they are hearing a squealing noise from their tires, especially when they are turning their car.  This is certainly a cause for concern, as your tires shouldn't normally squeal.  Squealing sounds could indicate that your tires are underinflated, so you should first try to add some air in order to fix the issue.  If it persists, call your mechanic.

Humming Noises

If you continue to hear your tires make a humming noise as you drive, your tires may have uneven wear on their treads.  Although your tires will make some noise when you are driving, you shouldn't notice persistent or even worsening humming sounds.  Uneven tread wear can be caused by suspension problems or faulty wheel bearings.

Thudding Noises

When you hear a thudding noise coming from your tires when you are driving, you should immediately pull over to inspect the cause of the sound.  Thudding sounds could be caused by severely underinflated tires, which will require immediate air to remedy the issue.  This sound could also indicate issues with the alignment or suspension of your car.   If thudding noises occur suddenly as you are driving, you may have even blown a tire.

Rattling Noises

When you hear a rattling sound as you release your foot from the brakes, this may actually not be any cause for concern.  Many people assume that you may have an issue with your brakes, but rattling noises are sometime natural sounds of working brake pads.  However, if you hear a rattling sound when you are pressing your foot down on the brakes or consistently over time, you will want to call your mechanic.

Grinding Noises

Anytime you hear grinding noises as you are applying pressure to the brakes, this issue will want to be addressed immediately.  You may have actually worn your brake pads, which means that you may be in for costly repairs.  Grinding sounds are typically indicative of metal-on-metal, which is when your brake pads have been worn out.

These are some of the main reasons why cars start to make strange noises.  Even if you believe that you have diagnosed the issue with your car, you will still want to make an appointment with your auto mechanic in Orlando to have it checked.  They will provide you with the right solutions to make sure that you are safe when driving out on the roads.  Contact us to hear about our quality auto services today.