Preventative Maintenance You Should Do on Your Car Each Year

Preventative Maintenance You Should Do on Your Car Each Year

Preventative Maintenance You Should Do on Your Car Each Year

Many people only perform maintenance on their car whenever something goes wrong.  It is important to take care of your car's needs throughout the year to prevent large and expensive issues from arising.  Neglecting major issues with your car can lead to needing costly replacement parts or even an entire new car.  Avoid this by taking necessary preventative measures each year.  These are some preventative actions you should do for your car each year.

Inspect Your Timing Belt

A timing belt helps your engine function properly, so it is important to keep up with its maintenance.  It regulates the engine to make sure it doesn't bang together and cause extra friction.  Whenever the timing belt stops working, the grinding and friction can cause major issues with your car's engine.  In fact, your timing belt should be replaced every 60,000 miles.  This is something you should get looked at when you take the car to an auto mechanic in Orlando.

Get Your Oil Changed

This is the most common preventative measure taken to preserve the function of the engine.  Whenever you let the oil get too dirty, it can cause a build-up mud or thick oil that can then contaminate your engine.  Avoid the grime build-up by getting your oil changed every 3,000 to 10,000 miles.  Your mechanic will also check your oil to make sure it is clean.  They will insert a dip stick into your oil container to make sure it comes out smooth and clean.

Check Your Battery

You should always be aware of how your battery is functioning, because this will keep your entire vehicle running and functioning the way it should.  Without a fully functioning battery, you might not even be able to start your car.  If you are experiencing trouble starting your vehicle, keeping a charge, or even using a charging system, you may want your auto mechanic in Orlando to replace your battery.

Get Your Tires Aligned

When you are consistently driving your car, your tires will wear their tread and move from their original alignment.   Letting this issue go for too long can cause major issues with your car.  To avoid steering issues and potential accidents, go get your tires aligned and rotated.  This will create a smooth ride that keeps all passengers comfortable.  By having your tires rotated at the same time, you can avoid burning out the tread on the tires more frequently used.  This prolongs the life of your tires, which can be another costly replacement if ignored.

These preventative actions can prevent large issues from building up and causing costly repairs to your vehicle.  As an auto mechanic in Orlando, we can address your car's maintenance needs and keep it up and running for longer.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment for preventative car maintenance.