Most Common Vehicle Repairs an Auto Service Provides

Most Common Vehicle Repairs an Auto Service Provides

Most Common Vehicle Repairs an Auto Service Provides

Whether you are in need of a tire rotation, an oil change, or an auto inspection, you can trust your local auto service to perform the job.  Auto services and mechanics are typically a more cost effective solution to repairing or inspecting your vehicle than a dealership.  They offer quick and inexpensive services that help to extend the life of and repair and damages to your car to keep it running safely and smoothly for the months to come.  Trusting your local auto service in Orlando to perform routine maintenance on your vehicle is the best option for you.  Here's a list of the most common vehicle repairs that an auto service performs.

Oil Change

Getting your oil change is required routine maintenance to keep your engine functioning properly.  Because it is required at least twice a year, it is a service that is commonly performed by auto services.  By providing a clean lubrication to keep your engine in tip-top shape, an oil change is imperative to making sure that your car runs smoothly and lasts a long time.

Car Alignment

Another common service performed by an auto mechanic is car alignment.  Whenever you feel as though your car is not driving in a straight line or that it's favoring one side, you likely need an alignment.  This typically suggests that something in your car has become misaligned, which can be a dangerous issue out on the road.  Misalignment can also cause further damage to your car if left unattended.  

Tire Rotation

Every few thousand miles, it is essential to rotate your tires.  This simple service is quick and easy for auto services to perform, but it can be a pesky issue for car owners that don't have the proper tools.  Trusting your local auto service in Orlando to rotate your tires will help extend their longevity by keeping them from being worn down too quickly.  Other tire services, like replacing flat tires or patching holes in tires are also common services done by auto mechanics.

Brake Services

Many auto mechanics also perform routine repairs on brakes.  This can include replacing the brake pads, which is required when they start to become worn down.  This is essential in making sure that your car is braking quickly and effectively, which is imperative to keeping your car safe to drive.  After all, without your brakes, accidents are more likely to result.  You always want to make sure to schedule an auto mechanic to check the performance of your brakes any time your car is in the shop.  

These are just a few of the most common auto repairs that a local mechanic or auto service in Orlando can provide to you.  Of course, the list continues with additional services like air filter replacements, fluids level tests, engine tune-ups, battery replacements, and so forth.  When you are in need of a quality and trustworthy auto mechanic, contact us today to hear how we can help you keep your car running safely.