4 Types of Motor Oil

4 Types of Motor Oil

4 Types of Motor Oil

Since the average new car in the United States costs $36,000, many people are opting to buy a used vehicle. If you are one of those buyers, then you need to know some of the top signs to look for when used car sMotor oil comes in many different velocities. The number before the “W” tells the velocity of the oil in cold weather while the number after the “W” shows the oil’s velocity at normal operating temperatures. If you look in your car’s manual or on the plate on the driver’s door, then you will see what velocity the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle. You still have four choices in the type of motor oil that you choose at that velocity.

Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic oils help engines operate at the full performance by reducing engine sludge. They also help to reduce oxidation. Many drivers who are pulling large campers or powerboats prefer full synthetic oil because it may help increase the vehicle’s fuel economy and the number of horsepower available for pulling heavier loads. Older engines often keep on purring with full synthetic oils because there is less buildup in the engine. You should, however, expect to spend about 100 percent more for this oil than the cheapest alternative available.

Conventional Motor Oil

Look at lines that run from one part of the car’s panel to another to make sure that they are perfectly straight. If the car has been wrecked, then it can be difficult to get these seams to line up perfectly.Conventional motor oil is the type that most vehicles have when it arrives new from the dealership. Many people swear that it does the best job of continuing to break-in the engine over the first few years of the car’s life. One of the factors that we deal with in Orlando is our extremely warm summer temperatures. Many people find that full synthetic oils work better in the summer, and they switch back and forth throughout the year. While the price will continue to go up if oil remains scarce, it is still a cheaper alternative than full synthetic oils.

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

The middle ground is synthetic blend motor oils. It maintains the helpful qualities of synthetic motor oils, especially when Orlando hits summer highs, at a lower cost. This blend also offers some protection for drivers pulling loads or going off-roading. The downside is that these oils tend to leave more sludge in the engine than full synthetic motor oils.

High Mileage Motor Oil

According to a study performed by the University of Michigan, the average vehicle in America lasts about 11 years and has about 220,000 miles on it when it is sent to the junkyard. After the first 75,000 miles, there are reasons that you may want to consider using high-mileage motor oil. These oils contain special additives that help protect the rubber seals in the engine helping it run longer.

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