Top 5 Reasons Your Check Engine Light May Come On

Top 5 Reasons Your Check Engine Light May Come On

Top 5 Reasons Your Check Engine Light May Come On

Imagine that you are driving home one day from work, and you notice a new light showing on your car’s dashboard. This light that resembles an engine is called the check engine light. There is no need to panic or to pull over to the side of the road unless your car is acting funny. You do, however, need to take your car to auto service in Orlando as soon as possible. Here are five common reasons that your check engine light may come on while driving in Orlando.

The Oxygen Sensor Needs Replacing

One of the most common reasons that your check engine light may come on is that the oxygen sensor needs replacing. This gadget that is mounted to your car’s exhaust manifold system measures the amount of oxygen that is burning along with the fuel. If the oxygen sensor stops working, then you may need to stop at a gas station more often because your car is not burning fuel efficiently. When this sensor is not working properly, it can also harm your car’s spark plugs and the catalytic converter.

Gas Cap is Missing or Broken

Your car’s gas cap is designed to keep gas vapors where they belong. When the cap is broken or missing, then the vapors escape. Like the oxygen sensor, you may discover that you are filling up more often. These fumes continue to leak even when you are not driving your car, so be sure to get it checked quickly.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter job is to turn carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. You may also notice a strange rattling sound coming from underneath your car along with a gasoline smell when you are driving the vehicle. Your car will be less fuel efficient. It will also not pass Florida’s inspection when you go to renew your tags, and it may affect your ability to sell your car. Often when the catalytic converter is bad, your car will run hotter than normal.

Mass Airflow Sensor

This part measures the amount of air getting to your engine. Not fixing it, can ruin your car’s sparkplugs, catalytic converter, and oxygen sensor. In some models, if this part is missing or damaged, the car will crank, but will not start. Your vehicle may stall or not have the power that is normal when you start driving after being stopped at a red light.

Spark Plugs

Your car’s spark plugs are responsible for seeing that the engine has the power it needs to operate. If they malfunction, then your car may not accelerate properly. Your car’s engine may surge or hesitate. It may make a loud pop when you start or when pulling away from a stoplight. When you are sitting still with the car running, then you may think that you are on a ride at Disney World.

There are many different reasons that your car’s engine light comes on. Therefore, you need to get it checked as soon as possible by an auto service in Orlando mechanic as soon as possible.