Top Reasons Why Your Car May be Hard to Control

Top Reasons Why Your Car May be Hard to Control

Top Reasons Why Your Car May be Hard to Control

If you feel like you are jerking, bouncing, and leaning to the side when driving worse than you do when riding your favorite ride at Walt Disney World, then it is time to figure out why. There are several reasons that your car may not be traveling smoothly down the highway. When it decides to act up, your time behind the wheel can be a miserable one.  


Your tires may be the reason that your car is not operating smoothly. One of the most common reasons is improper wheel installation. Then, they wobble when you are driving. Low tire pressure and tires that are not properly aligned can also cause a bumpy ride. If your tires are the problem, then the car will often pull to one side when you are coasting down the highway. Another telltale sign is that the tires are not wearing evenly.  


Your vehicle’s suspension is designed to keep the tires in contact with the highway. If the suspension is the problem, then you may think that Orlando’s potholes have suddenly become a lot worse. You may also notice the car pulling drastically to one side. Since your suspension is made up of different parts, it is essential to contact an auto mechanic in Orlando, like Dynamic Auto Services, to get your system looked at promptly. Waiting often means that you need to replace more parts than if you get it fixed right away.  


If you notice that your car suddenly loses power or does not want to change from one gear to the next, then it may be your transmission. Putting off repairs often means that the whole transmission needs overhauling while getting the problem fixed earlier usually is a cheaper alternative. You should also check your transmission fluid regularly. You may also want to ask your auto mechanic in Orlando about the cleanliness of your oil. Dirty oil can be a sign of transmission problems.  


Your brakes can cause your car to jerk suddenly or cause you not to stop correctly. If you suspect that you have brake problems, then get to the mechanic as soon as possible as the problem will only get worse and more costly if you linger. A leak in the brake system often means your pedal pushes straight to the floor while a faulty valve or your master cylinder makes the car want to pull to one side.  

Regardless of what is making your car ride very bumpy, you can get the problem corrected by calling Dynamic Auto Services or use their convenient online scheduling form. These experts will quickly diagnose the problem and give you an estimate to get the problem fixed. You can trust these auto mechanics in Orlando to get you safely back on the highway quickly.  Waiting usually results in you having to pay more money.