Summer Car Troubles

Summer Car Troubles

Summer Car Troubles

As the thermometer continues to rise, your car is more likely to break down than at other times of the year. In the Orlando area, the need for a tow truck service rises about 30 % while nationally the total increases by about 20 %. Here are some common summer car woes and what you can do to prevent them.


Your car’s battery is more likely to give you fits in the summer. Part of the problem is that the chemicals within the battery do not function appropriately in hot temperatures. Additionally, your car requires more power because of the air conditioner, fans, and other parts that you rely on to stay comfortable. Check your battery, and if it is near its normal expiration, consider putting a new battery in it now. If that is not the case, then it is still a good idea to have a car service in Orlando, check your car’s voltage to make sure that it is performing correctly.

Cooling System

Summer temperatures can take an enormous toll on your car’s heating system. Therefore, it is essential to get your car’s antifreeze checked regularly. Most cars need to have the antifreeze replaced about every 100,000 miles but check your car’s manual to be sure. Additionally, keep an eye on your hoses and other parts of your cooling system for any signs that they are cracking.  You should also check your air conditioning system. It should keep your car at least 50 degrees cooler than the outside temperature, so crank down the temperature to see that it is working correctly.


The heat in the summer can make you feel like you are melting, and it is very hard on your tires. Your car’s tires need to flex more when the pavement is hot, and that is hard for them to do when they are old. You should also check the air pressure in your tires regularly to make sure that you do not have a slow leak as it will often get faster when temperatures rise.

Engine Oil

A multi-viscosity oil changes as the weather gets warmer, making sure that your car stays adequately protected. Using a synthetic oil means that there are fewer impurities, and that helps your car perform properly. If you go off-roading or down gravel roads in the summer, then you should change your oil more often than the manufacturer suggests.

If you need to have car service in Orlando done on your vehicle, then contact Dynamic Auto Service.

If you have not had your car looked at in a while, then schedule an appointment very soon. After all, you do not want to be stuck waiting for a tow truck on the hottest day of the year in Orlando, which is generally in late August or early September.