6 Signs Your Car Battery is about to Die

6 Signs Your Car Battery is about to Die

6 Signs Your Car Battery is about to Die

The car battery is like the powerhouse of your vehicle. It supplies power to the car when needed. Due to the vital role that it plays, it is essential that the car battery should always be in top condition.

With the above in mind, you should know how to decode the signs your car battery gives when finally giving up. There are several signs that your vehicle will give when it is about to die. Make sure you get your battery checked out immediately should you detect any of these signs.

1. Old Battery

The average lifespan of a car battery is four years. A battery older than this should be tested regularly. Check the battery case to get the date of manufacture. Also, when changing the engine oil, be sure to examine the battery.

2. Slow and Weak Engine Crank

The battery supplies the boost that brings your car’s engine to life. When you have a dying car battery, your engine will have a slow, sluggish and weak crank. Make sure you don’t ignore this. Managing this might get to the point where your vehicle won’t start altogether.

Times when the engine refuses to come up, you could hear a clicking noise. Clicking noise or complete silence indicates that the battery has no sufficient power to start the engine.

3. There are Warning Lights on

There are dashboard lights that warn of an impending failure. A battery-shaped light on the dashboard gives information about the health of your battery. When power is draining from your battery, when your battery is weak, it will light up. It also lights up when there are with your battery alternator. This is because the car battery and the alternator work hand in hand. The Check Engine light is also another indication that your battery may be misbehaving.

4. Issues With the Electrical System

Since a weak battery is gradually losing power, you could see signs when the power windows, headlights and other accessories are weak or malfunctioning. With a weak battery, you might be limited to just one of these accessories at a time.

For instance, if your headlight dims while trying to whine down or up, this might be an indication that your battery is weak.

5. Excessive Bloating

Excessive cold or heat can cause the battery’s case to swell. This is usually the case when the vehicle hasn’t been used for a pretty long period. In instances where the battery froze over in winter, you most likely will need a new battery.

6. Foul odor

When you have a bloated battery, you could have a bad odor, usually like that of a rotten egg. This odor is usually from gases escaping from the battery. Never ignore this smell as it indicates that the acid inside your battery is escaping. It can damage your engine if it continues to leak like that. Make sure you check your car battery out regularly. This way, you guard against any surprises that might catch you unawares.

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