Signs it’s time to Repair Your Timing Belt

Signs it’s time to Repair Your Timing Belt

Signs it’s time to Repair Your Timing Belt

The timing belt is one of the most overlooked parts of vehicle maintenance. Made of rubber or steel, it is the part of the engine that synchronizes the crankshafts and camshaft rotation. The timing belt is usually under constant strain; hence, they wear out with time.

Being aware of the signs of a faulty timing belt is essential. It can save your life and money. Here are some signs that your timing belt needs replacement:

1. Plastic in Oil Pan

If you notice plastic chunks in your oil, be sure to get in touch with a mechanic immediately. These plastic chunks come from the camshaft gears. It happens with old and worn out timing belts that are already skipping timing, hence breaking off camshaft pieces. This could lead to a drop in engine oil pressure which could trigger a complete engine failure that can completely wreck the vehicle.

2. Rattling Noise in front of the Engine

Constant rattling noise in front of your engine points to the fact that your timing belt is loose. At times, when the timing chain is also coming apart, it triggers this noise. Be sure to raise your vehicle hood and inspect your engine before you keep driving. A break in the timing belt could lead to extensive damage to your vehicle.

3. Engine Not Turning on

Your engine will be unable to turn on to ignite if your timing belt is broken. While the starter engine might come up, it will not transmit power to the crank and camshaft since the timing belt is faulty.

When your engine refuses to start as a result of this, there is a big probability that other engine parts are faulty too. This is because most times, timing belts break while the engine is running.

4. Oil leaking from the Front of the Engine

The timing belt cover will gradually leak oil as it wears out or breaks eventually. Over time, the timing that is secured with bolt and nuts can become loose.

At times, when there is an oil leak, it could also be due to cracking or wearing out of the gaskets between the engine block and the timing cover. Be sure to inspect all this or get in touch with trusted auto service in Orlando for diagnosis.

When to replace Your Timing belt

Most times, one might not know the timing belt is damaged until it completely fails. The ease of replacing a timing belt usually depends on the vehicle. There are vehicles whose timing belts are usually located in hard to reach places. The best bet is to take it to a skilled auto mechanic in Orlando.

On a final note, be sure to keep tabs on your mileage as well as the age of your timing belt. It can help you stay ahead of any danger or prevent the belt from breaking while driving.

Be sure to be sensitive to any unusual sound as it could be pointers to issues with various parts of your vehicle, even the timing belt.

Get in touch with us at Dynamic Auto Orlando if you need an inspection of your timing belt. We have skilled and trusted auto technicians that will help to get your vehicle in shape.