Save Money With These Tire Maintenance Tips

Save Money With These Tire Maintenance Tips

Save Money With These Tire Maintenance Tips

If you seem to be buying new tires all the time, then it may be time to start taking better care of your tires. There are several things that you can do to try to make your car’s tires last longer.  

Rotate Your Tires Regularly

You must rotate your tires as recommended by your car manufacturer. If you have a front-wheel-drive vehicle, then your front tires will wear out much faster than the rear. If your tires are not wearing evenly, then your car is much harder to handle. Many manufacturers suggest rotating your tires every 5,000 miles.  

Get Your Tires Aligned

You should also get your tires aligned regularly. In addition to making your tires last longer, getting your vehicle aligned periodically makes for a more comfortable ride and increases your gas mileage. You should have your tires aligned annually and anytime you hit a hard bump. If you lift or lower your vehicle, then you need to get your tires aligned.  

Balance Your Tires

You should also get your tires balanced regularly. When each tire and wheel spin as intended, then your tires will last longer. You will also enjoy a smoother ride. Your vehicle’s drive train will also last longer when you keep your tires properly balanced. You should plan on getting your tires balanced about every 4,000 miles

Check Your Tire’s Inflation Regularly

You should check to make sure that there is the right amount of air in your tire’s regularly. While it can be easy to miss a small leak, your tires also need the air adjusted according to the weather. Get a tire gauge and check your vehicle’s tires when the tire is cold. Make sure that you maintain the right amount of air in the tire by reading the recommended psi on the side of the tire.  

Adjust Your Driving Habits

Many different driving habits may mean you need to buy new tires sooner. Starting your car so quickly that you leave black marks on the road almost guarantees you will need to replace your tires often. Hitting objects in the road or driving over curbs also affects your tire’s life. Look ahead and gauge when you need to stop so that you can avoid as many quick stops as possible. Speeding makes your tires get hotter as it causes the rubber to melt. Finally, regularly carrying loads that are too heavy for your tires means that you will be buying new tires soon.  

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