Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

Going to the mechanic for repairs can sometimes be a bit annoying. Especially if you don’t know what kind of repairs you actually need. Different repairs take different amounts of time and some can cost more than others. knowing what to ask your mechanic will ease a lot of your stress and anxiety when it comes to having your car serviced or repaired. Here are a few questions you can ask your mechanic to give you a better understanding of what you need.

Will these Repairs Fix the Overall Problem?

Sometimes one repair won’t fix the overall problem, thus meaning you may need to repair multiple parts to get your vehicle running smoothly again. This is why you should make sure you find out everything that is wrong with your vehicle and all the possible solutions. This will not only give you a good estimate of the total cost of the repairs, but also a good time frame. Sometimes you may have to drop your vehicle off for repairs as it could take several hours or several days depending on the extent of the damage.

Does the Estimate Cover all Parts and Labor Plus a Warranty on both?

Sometimes new parts are faulty through no fault of the mechanic. It just happens that way, either the part wasn’t made correctly or was damaged in transit from the manufacturer to the seller. There is usually no way to tell if there is an issue with the new part until the mechanic puts the part on the car and tests the vehicle. Because of this, it is important that you ensure that the service center will warranty all parts and labor costs in the event that something like this takes place. This not only ensures you aren’t charged extra but will allow the mechanic to work quickly to resolve the issue without any delays, thus getting you back on the road faster.

If there is an Issue After the Vehicle Leaves the Shop, will it be Covered?

This is different from the warranty on the parts and labor for the service. Instead, this is a warranty on the total service done. Sometimes fixing one problem can lead to another that wasn’t prior discussed. Know how these issues will be handled beforehand so you aren’t stuck with a repair bill that didn’t resolve the issues of the vehicle. Mechanics work very hard on your vehicle and sometimes an issue started with one problem and spiraled into multiple issues. For this reason, you should ask your mechanic or service center if they will warranty the total service in the event you discover any issues after you leave the shop.

Having your vehicle serviced or repaired shouldn’t be a stressful situation. We all depend on our vehicles and when they go down it can be a challenge. A good service center such as Dynamic Auto Service will be able to resolve all your auto care needs. A good auto service center in Orlando will be able to answer any question you throw at them and do everything in their power to ensure you get the best rate possible.