Keep on Driving by Getting Brake Issues Fixed Today

Keep on Driving by Getting Brake Issues Fixed Today

Keep on Driving by Getting Brake Issues Fixed Today

Summer is a wonderful time to go on a road trip, but if you are afraid that your brakes will stop you from stopping in time, then you may want to consider staying home. Of course, that would ruin all the fun times that you have planned for summer 2019. Instead of abandoning your plans, learn what causes common brake problems and who to see to get this fixed today.

Brake Lights on Dash

If the brake light is lit on your car’s dashboard, then make sure that the parking brake is totally disengaged. When this is the problem, usually your red or yellow parking brake will also be lit, and you may find that you must push on the gas feed a little harder to make the car move. Your warning light may also indicate that it is time for routine maintenance, so check your owner’s manual before worrying too much. This light can also be an indicator that other brake issues are occurring, so do not ignore it.

Unusual Noises

If you hear a high-pitched sound that stops when you push on the brakes, then you may need new brake pads. Typically, pads last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles depending on your vehicle’s make and model. Not getting them fixed often leads to even more costly repairs so make sure to see an auto mechanic, like those at Dynamic Auto Services, very soon. Grinding can be very simple to repair as it may just be a loose rock that has got stuck, but it can also be the fact that you ignored the high-pitched sound when the brake pads needed to be repaired, and you are now causing even more damage. Grinding noises can also be an indication that rear drum brakes need to be lubricated.

Wobbling or Vibrations When Braking

If you feel like you are on a wild bronco every time you step on the brakes because your car is wobbling and vibrating, then you may have an uneven rotor. Rust building up on your rotors can cause this problem. Your rotors may also have been improperly smoothed during your last brake job. Debris from the road, especially hot tar from Orlando’s roads, can also get stuck to the rotor causing the wobbly feeling.

Regardless of the type of brake problem that you are having, contact Dynamic Auto Services. This auto mechanic in Orlando can diagnose and fix the problem in no time helping to keep you safe wherever you roam on your summer road trip. You can trust the safety of yourself to these professional auto repair experts as they are your locally owned auto repair shop in Orlando. Call them today at (407) 674-6998 to schedule your brake service. They look forward to becoming your auto repair experts in Orlando.