Extending the Life of Your Car’s Tires

Extending the Life of Your Car’s Tires

Extending the Life of Your Car’s Tires

Most people have had to cough up the money for a new tire. Unfortunately, that expense usually occurs when there is very little money in the bank, and you are working to save up money to pay your normal expenses. Yet, without a car, you may find it impossible to get to work. Taking a few precautionary steps can help extend the life of your car’s tires.

Check Your Tire’s Air Weekly

You need to check your tire’s air weekly. Keep a tire gauge in your car’s glove box or console, so that you can easily access it. The right amount of air is listed on a sticker on your driver’s door. It is also usually readily available in the owner’s manual. Make sure to check the tire’s air when the tires are cold, like first thing in the morning or before moving it after a full day at work. The great news when you take this simple step is that you will not only be extending the life of your tire, but you will get better fuel mileage when you keep the right amount of air in your tires.

Visually Examine the Tires

Look at your tires to see if you notice any small holes or cracks in them. While they may not be leaking air yet, they soon will be unless you replace the tire. Starting to look may help you spot a good deal on a tire. Be sure, however, before you buy a tire that you look at the numbers on the side. You need to make sure to buy the right size tire for your vehicle. Additionally, if you are trying to buy a used tire, then look at the DOT number. The last two numbers tell you when the tire was made with two letters for the week of the year and two for the year. Avoid tires that are over 10 years old and be cautious of those over five years old.

Have Your Tires Rotated

See a reliable auto service in Orlando, like Dynamic Auto Service, to get your tires rotated regularly. This ensures that your tires wear evenly, and it can make the car much easier to handle. If you leave your tires in the same position, then some of your tires will wear out faster and different parts of the same tire can wear out sooner. Your car’s service manual may suggest an ideal time to get your tires rotated or come see our auto service in Orlando to find out the best time.

There are many reasons that you will want to come to see Dynamic Auto Service about your car’s tires. Come see us at 40 N Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL or give us a call today at (407) 674-6998 to schedule an appointment. We have years of experience working on vehicles and we want yours to be one of them.