5 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Summer

5 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Summer

5 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Summer

Summertime is here and with its arrival comes hot and sometimes stormy weather. You may find that you put more miles on your car during the summer season with road trips, time at the beach and beautiful places to explore outside. Summertime is also the time when more cars break down because more stress is put on car parts as temperatures climb. Follow these tips to make sure that you are not left stranded on the side of the road this summer.

Check Your Car’s Fluids

While you will want to have the transmission, brake and other fluids in your car checked, it is especially important as the days heat up to check your coolant level. It should be completely changed out according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, but most recommend every two years. The biggest reason that cars leave drivers stranded on the side of the road is overheating, so take precautions by refilling and replacing your coolant as needed.

Look at Your Tires

Another auto service in Orlando that you need to have done is to have your tires inspected. The difference in air temperature means that your tires may have too much air cutting down on your fuel economy. Hot roads make blowouts more likely. It is usually a good idea to have your tires rotated and aligned before hitting the open highway as it will make driving more enjoyable.

Get Your Battery Checked

Summer heat can be extremely tough on your car’s batteries, so make sure to get it checked. Weak batteries often give drivers no advanced warning that they are dying. Yet, when hooked up to computers, technicians can tell if it is time for a new one. Hot weather causes the fluids inside the battery to evaporate. Then, the battery’s internal structure is damage causing it to fail you. In fact, overcharging and hot temperatures are the two major reasons that batteries fail.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Summers in Orlando often mean popup showers can appear almost anytime. Therefore, you will want to make sure that your wipers are in great shape. Hot weather can warp the blade causing the blade to not wipe the window properly. You do not want to skip replacing your blades as 90 percent of decisions you make while driving occurs because of visual clues. Wipers that have the spoilers covered in synthetic rubber will last longer in Orlando’s climate.

Get your car ready for summer by calling Dynamic Auto Service in Orlando. Make sure to get your vehicle checked over before the summer’s heat arrives with a preventative maintenance checkup. Take care of your tires to avoid any blowouts on those fun summer road trips. If problems do occur, make sure to see these friendly professionals about your repairs needs. Contact this auto service in Orlando today by calling 407-674-6998.