5 Great Reasons to Change Your Oil Regularly

5 Great Reasons to Change Your Oil Regularly

5 Great Reasons to Change Your Oil Regularly

Taking the small amount of time to perform regular car maintenance can have lasting impacts on your vehicle and its efficiency.  Oil changes are quick and inexpensive ways to maintain your car's engine and ensure that it is working at its optimum power.  At Dynamic Auto Service, we offer auto service in Orlando that is unmatched.  We offer exceptional services that range from oil change, to state inspections, to installation of sound systems.  There are five exceptional reasons why it is recommended to change your oil regularly.

Keeps Oil Clean

When oil is running through your engine, it can pick up dirt and particles.  This makes the oil work less efficiently, and it makes your engine work harder to perform the same job.  Making sure that your oil is clean will ensure that it stays well-lubricated and functions properly.  Otherwise, your engine will suffer from the effects of oil sludge, which work to degrade the oil quality and decrease overall engine function.

Cools the Engine

When all of the moving parts in the engine are working to keep the car running, they generate a lot of heat.  In order to avoid friction, the oil must be well-lubricated.  This lubricant helps prevent the engine from overheating and then stalling or causing your car to breakdown.  

Increases Vehicle Lifespan

Perhaps the best reason to invest in regular oil changes is to increase the longevity of your vehicle.  By investing in the inexpensive oil change regularly, you can actually prevent your engine from wearing down too quickly.  Oil changes can help prevent the buildup of dirt particles and sludge, which can cause major damage, such as corrosion.  

Removes Dirt and Oil Sludge

Removing dirt and oil sludge is critical in maintaining the health and efficiency of your car's engine.  With proper and clean oil, these particles can be easily removed.  Clean and fresh lubricant will pick up these dirt particles that can otherwise destroy your engine.  Over time, oil will lose its lubrication and begin to break down, causing sludge.  Sludge buildup is devastating to an engine.  Routine oil changes prevent this buildup and increases engine longevity.

Improves Gas Mileage

Simply put, when your car is functioning efficiently, it is using less gas.  Poor engine lubrication, however, can lead to an increase in gas mileage, because it will require more fuel to accomplish the same task.  By changing the oil, you add effective lubrication for optimal engine functionality and ultimately save on gas.

It is recommended to change your oil every three months or every 3,000 miles.  If you neglect your car maintenance, you may end up paying a costly fee to replace major parts or even have to buy an entire new vehicle.  As an auto service in Orlando, we at Dynamic Auto Service are equipped with the expertise and training to properly evaluate your car and provide services that will help your vehicle run effectively and smoothly.  Contact us today to keep your car running better longer.